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#stigmata: tequila and dead exes. 
24th-Dec-2007 01:06 am

[01:32] * SethGecko is sitting at the bar, not covered in gore for once. This is good. He is indulging in some tequila, but there is no lemon or salt in sight.
[01:33] * JSheppard is...out of the house at four thirty am...in this bar.../again/. He's hoping this time it doesn't end with being drunk dialled by both his wives.../again/. "Uh. Hey."
[01:38] * SethGecko looks up from pouring his... third shot, and spills a bit of tequila on the bar. "Shit, hi." He says, in a clumsy sort of way. "Tequila?" He offers, wiping up the spill with his thumb.
[01:39] * JSheppard laughs, quietly. "Sure. Why not." There are like...at least two reasons at home why not, eight if he throws in the third spouse and all five of the kids. But the ones that will hit him probably count the most. "John Sheppard. Have we met?" This is a relatively greeting...he's had amnesia a couple of times, okay.
[01:40] JSheppard: *standard
[01:44] * SethGecko nods, digs out another shot glass, and pours. This time not spilling it everywhere. "Umm, no I don't think so. I remember faces. I'm Seth, Seth Gecko."
[01:46] JSheppard: "Gotcha." John joins him at the bar. He has the look of someone who has had a long-ass day, though he's pretty good at being chipper regardless.
[01:48] * SethGecko slides the glass over, and then, on further examination of John, the bottle. "You look like you need it more than me."
[01:52] * JSheppard grimaces /and/ laughs, because he is a multitasker. "Yeah, maybe." He downs the first shot. "...not bad," he says, after a moment.
[01:56] SethGecko: "For a drink with a worm in it." Seth agrees, cracking a smile. "So what brings you here at..." He checks his watch briefly, then wrinkles his nose "apparently the middle of the night?"
[02:00] JSheppard: "Let's see..." John grins, briefly, and leans against the bar. "Women. Men. Teenagers. Toddlers. /Christmas/."
[02:03] SethGecko: "Ouch." Seth winces, sympathetic. "Well /that/ puts things into perspective."
[02:04] JSheppard: "Doesn't it?" John laughs, but not much. "What about you?"
[02:08] SethGecko: "Oh, I'm just a little bit nocturnal these days. And tonight I had a lack of anything better to do."
[02:11] JSheppard: "Some people get hobbies," John says, dryly, but not too dry, because he's here too.
[02:14] SethGecko: "What, drinking isn't a legitimate hobby?" He laughs, wry.
[02:16] JSheppard: "Not according to my wives." A grimace.
[02:25] SethGecko: "Wive/s/ plural?" He asks, eyebrows raised.
[02:25] * JSheppard holds up two fingers. "And a husband. Donna says he's prettier."
[02:26] SethGecko: "That's..." Seth boggles for a moment. "I mean, that's- how does that... /work/?"
[02:27] JSheppard: "If you'd asked me a month ago, I'd say it doesn't." John is still a little wry.
[02:31] SethGecko: "Favouritism?" He asks, throwing a guess out there at random. Because he is more than a little confused by the technicalities here.
[02:32] JSheppard: "Nooooot really--" John pauses, and considers that. "Well, Elizabeth's everybody's favourite right now, but that wasn't it."
[02:35] * SethGecko ears metaphorically prick up here. "Elizabeth?"
[02:35] JSheppard: "Weir." A beat, and he corrects himself. "Liddell."
[02:40] SethGecko: "I know an Elizabeth Weir." Seth nods, then frowns "Hmm, not Liddell though. Unless she changed her name in a month or something..." But that seems unlikely.
[02:41] JSheppard: "I can think of four who know about this place off the top of my head."
[02:45] * SethGecko whistles in an impressed sort of way. "So, Elizabeth Liddell, are you two involved or...?" Yeah, he's still trying to work out the two wives thing.
[02:47] JSheppard: "Yeah." John nods. "We're...not technically married...but 'who Elizabeth is married to' is turning into some seriously murky waters."
[02:47] * JSheppard would get smacked for saying that, at home, and KNOWS IT. ...also, he's not wrong.
[02:50] * SethGecko leans against the bar and laughs a little bit. "That's absurd."
[02:51] JSheppard: "You're telling /me/. No, it's--it's good, and trust me, /she/ is good." ...He would also get hit for that, and he's still not wrong. "Everybody's got issues." He's not especially defensive about it.
[02:53] SethGecko: "I'm sure she is." He chuckles, again, then puts on a serious face. "But no, you're right. Nobody's normal."
[02:54] JSheppard: "Yeah. So...yeah. We were--off, for a while, and I guess we're on again. Right in time to drive each other nuts for Christmas." He considers that, and does another shot, because...seriously.
[02:55] * JSheppard dramatically simplifies his life verbally, as he tends to.
[02:56] SethGecko: "You're not a dead ex, are you?" Seth asks, with characteristic lack of subtlety.
[02:58] * JSheppard actually has to stop and think about it. "Not in the strictest sense," he says, vaguely amused, "And probably not what you mean...what /do/ you mean?"
[03:01] SethGecko: "Like, an alternate of someone who died. An ex. Back from the grave. Things get kinda awkward and uncool." He clarifies, with illustrative hand movements.
[03:06] * JSheppard goes over his mental list of Things That Have Happened In The Nexus. "Yeaaaaah, I've been there."
[03:10] SethGecko: "Me too." Seth nods, sagely. "And it's a place I hope to avoid like the plague."
[03:15] JSheppard: "Don't blame you!" John contemplates the tequila for a moment and then just moves to get himself coffee, because he knows better. "'Awkward and uncool' is pretty much covered by 'ex'."
[03:18] SethGecko: "I always find it impossible to get along after a break-up." Seth nods, not knowing better and therefore borrowing the tequila. "Maybe that says something about my relationships." Worrying thought, push it AWAY.
[03:19] JSheppard: "You want to know what says something about a relationship? Elizabeth's alternate married her ex...not her own ex. /My/ Elizabeth's ex."
[03:19] JSheppard: "I don't know what that says. But it's weird."
[03:22] SethGecko: "Yeah, that's pretty fucked up." He laughs, shaking his head. "Maybe it says they all have the same messed up taste in men?"
[03:23] JSheppard: "/That/ I knew." He grins.
[03:34] SethGecko: "I know /one/ of them does, but I couldn't speak for the rest." He smiles, reaching across the bar for the salt, caving in at last.
[03:35] JSheppard: "Oh yeah?" Eyebrow.
[03:36] SethGecko: "Mmhmm, my one isn't called Elizabeth though." He nods, sprinkling salt in a would-be delicate manner onto the back of his hand.
[03:37] * SethGecko would probably get smacked by Alessandra for referring to her as 'his one'. But she isn't here! Mwuhaha
[03:37] JSheppard: "No?"
[03:39] SethGecko: "No, she's called Alessandra. Elisabetta is her middle name." Ah, salt on the bar. Tidy tidy salt pile time.
[03:41] JSheppard: "Mine's Elizabeth Alexandra." And would just look witheringly at him over her coffee. Jonathan, however, calls her his 'paramour' and gets giggled at and flirted with. How is this fair?
[03:44] *** Marion_Astley has signed off IRC (Ping timeout).
[03:47] * SethGecko 's mind occasionally goes off on largely irrelevant tangents. "I don't have a middle name. Think my parents got lazy." Um, but then they /were/ alcoholics.
[03:49] JSheppard: "Count yourself lucky. You don't want to know what my wife inflicted on our kids."
[03:50] SethGecko: "Ah, but see now I /do/."
[03:50] JSheppard: "Gillian Galadriel and Robert Walter." John grimaces.
[03:51] * SethGecko smirks. A tiny bit. "Walter isn't /so/ bad...."
[03:52] * JSheppard mock-glares a bit.
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