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It’d been his idea, originally. To bring everyone to Atlantis, to… 
19th-Mar-2007 07:59 pm

It’d been his idea, originally. To bring everyone to Atlantis, to make the city more family oriented, it’d been his idea. He’d talked Elizabeth into it, made it out to be a fantastic idea, and he’d been fighting to convince the Air Force and the IOA that it was safe. With Sam’s butterflies that destroyed the wraith coming to the planet, it seemed like they were protected. It hurts now that he knows they were getting ahead of themselves.

He feels like he’s at fault, like if he hadn’t wanted this family he’d created so nearby they wouldn’t be forced to pull all the families from the city.

He feels worst for the women in the city who are being forced to give their children away – for the first time or again – to relatives. There are a few of them, now, including Elizabeth. He feels like he’s failed her, somehow. He’d thought it was such a great idea to have a baby, to add to their already massive family. And now she’s being forced to leave her in another world, just to keep her safe. When he’d been the one to first say the city was safe.

He tries not to think about it. Because when he thinks about it he has to admit to himself that he was wrong, and now he’s going to be separated from his family. Because of his mistake, his children are being taken away and he has no idea how often he’ll be able to see them.
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