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#stigmata: apologizing to elizabeth and meeting threnody. 
24th-Dec-2007 01:00 am

[21:53] * JSheppard is here, lo and behold, searching for SOMEONE or SOMETHING. No. Someone.
[21:53] * Elizabeth hasn't noticed yet. Oh dear.
[21:53] * Threnody plots. "We could manage." Sup strange guy. Thren waves at John from behind the bar. "Hey. Get you anything?"
[21:54] * Elizabeth glances over her shoulder and /this time/ manages not to drop her drink. Her expression is like X| when she turns away again.
[21:55] * JSheppard orders...some sort of beer. Original, no? "I've been looking for you!" He's /probably/ talking to Elizabeth.
[21:56] Elizabeth: "I really wish you wouldn't."
[21:56] * Threnody passes the beer over and keeps a close eye on this. "Friend of yours, Elizabeth?"
[21:56] Elizabeth: "No."
[21:57] JSheppard: "Yes." He's contrary.
[21:57] * Threnody tilts her head. "Uh huh. Hi, I'm Threnody--Elizabeth's sister." ...Threnody is black. FYI.
[21:57] Elizabeth: "/No/."
[21:58] * Elizabeth ...said that to John, obvs.
[21:59] JSheppard: "Step up above her brother. /Yes/."
[21:59] * JSheppard carries on two conversations at once.
[21:59] * Elizabeth is momentarily derailed. "What brother, and /no/. "
[22:00] JSheppard: "Alternate. And /yes/. Are you always this contrary when someone's trying to apologize to you?"
[22:00] Threnody: "Has he had the concept of alternates explained to him yet?" She asks this of Elizabeth, naturally.
[22:01] Elizabeth: "Presumably--pardon?" A...pologize. What?
[22:01] JSheppard: "Yes. And yes. For yesterday." Because he was RUDE.
[22:02] Elizabeth: "You mean for behaving like a spoiled five year old?"
[22:02] * Elizabeth is helpful.
[22:03] JSheppard: "Well, clearly."
[22:03] * Elizabeth contemplates this for a moment, and then holds up her tragically empty glass. "Threnody. Please." /Please/ ;_;
[22:04] * Threnody gives her more wine. "If you want me to remove him, I will."
[22:06] * JSheppard looks interested in that.
[22:07] Elizabeth: "He's just irritating." ...says the woman wound tighter than a thing that is wound extremely tight.
[22:08] JSheppard: "McKay is a lot more irritating than I am."
[22:09] * Elizabeth grimaces. "That depends."
[22:09] Threnody: "All right. But let me know if things change." She gives John a once-over and goes to get herself something a little more alcoholic than beer.
[22:10] Elizabeth: "I will." This time she actually means it.
[22:10] JSheppard: "Depends on what?"
[22:10] Elizabeth: "None of your business, Colonel."
[22:11] JSheppard: "If you say so."
[22:11] * Elizabeth rubs her temple. "Why are you bothering me in the first place?" ...oh honey. You don't want to know the answer to that question.
[22:12] JSheppard: "It's a thing I do. Just ask my Elizabeth.
[22:13] Elizabeth: "/Your/ Elizabeth."
[22:13] JSheppard: "/Yes/."
[22:14] Elizabeth: "Your...boss. Friend." Grasping at straws: GO.
[22:15] JSheppard: "Keep going."
[22:15] Elizabeth: "...there isn't enough alcohol in this for me to go any further with that."
[22:16] * JSheppard smirks a bit.
[22:22] * Elizabeth just rolls her eyes at him.
[22:23] Threnody: "So--what, exactly, is this clown's deal?"
[22:24] Elizabeth: "Lt. Col. John Sheppard, Atlantis expedition." Elizabeth gestures expansively.
[22:24] * JSheppard narrows his eyes a bit at the clown mention. He /hates/ clowns.
[22:24] Elizabeth: "And he's afraid of clowns."
[22:24] * Elizabeth kind of wishes she didn't remember that.
[22:24] JSheppard: "I am not /afraid/ of clowns."
[22:24] * JSheppard is a liar.
[22:24] * Elizabeth rolls her eyes.
[22:25] JSheppard: "I'm not!"
[22:25] Elizabeth: "You can see why Marshall is so fond of him, I'm sure."
[22:26] * Elizabeth says this as though Mack doesn't grind his teeth at the mere mention of Sheppard.
[22:27] *** Mots[aughcomputer] is now known as Mots.
[22:27] Threnody: "Oh, yeah, I expect a buddy cop movie any day now."
[22:28] JSheppard: "No, thanks."
[22:32] Elizabeth: "I'm sure it'd be a hit."
[22:33] * Threnody considers John. "He'd be the young ne'er-do-well, of course."
[22:33] Elizabeth: "He stretches the definition of young."
[22:33] JSheppard: "Hey!"
[22:34] Elizabeth: "You're amost forty-one!"
[22:34] Elizabeth: *almost
[22:35] JSheppard: "That is YOUNG."
[22:35] Elizabeth: "You're younger than Cameron," she allows.
[22:37] JSheppard: "THANK you."
[22:38] * Threnody watches the bickering.
[22:40] Elizabeth: "And apparently about ten years old whatever your age."
[22:41] JSheppard: "Apparently."
[22:41] Threnody: "Is this how you do apologies, generally?"
[22:41] Elizabeth: "You should see him try to show how much he cares," Elizabeth says, sourly.
[22:42] JSheppard: "Pretty much."
[22:46] Elizabeth: "Awkward, and repeatedly putting his foot in his mouth."
[22:54] JSheppard: "Gee, thanks."
[22:54] * Threnody rubs at her temple, slightly. "We were talking about Christmas, Elizabeth, if you want a distraction."
[22:55] * Elizabeth ...loves her sister SO MUCH. "Yes. Christmas. Who have you already bought for?"
[22:57] Threnody: "...Kevin." Out of their HUGE FAMILY. "Men are goddamn hard to shop for, I don't know what to get Chas." >:E
[22:58] Elizabeth: "On that note, did you hear what Marshall got for his birthday?"
[22:59] * Threnody raises her eyebrows. "No, what?"
[22:59] * JSheppard waves, and heads on out.
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