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you can be my best friend
i can be your right arm
#stigmata: donna makes a friend. 
24th-Dec-2007 01:07 am

[16:26] * Donna wanders into Stigmata! She's been there before, and is therefore not especially surprised. She looks pretty much like your average city mom with a lot of money and free time...also, glittery, but shut up.
[16:27] * Ria looks like your average city kid from the very wrong side of the tracks: tiiiny pleated skirt, high heeled winter boots, button-up crop top that's entirely too low for her age (15, 16 tops), and a denim jacket. She goes :3 at Donna. "Hi!"
[16:27] * Ria also has seriously amazing hoop earrings and cornrows in her hair, but they only go about half-back.
[16:28] * O`Shae nods hello to the new lady. he's the tall scruffy irish boy by the bar, sporting glasses, a split lip and a nice array of bruises, as well as obviously hand me down, treadbare clothes - jeans, sneakers, sweater. As per usual.
[16:30] Donna: "Well, hi there," Donna beams at both of them, as she does. She has very well-worn jeans and a cashmere jersey, and...mismatched socks, why not.
[16:31] * Ria pulls herself up onto the bar. By Kenyon, whose space is her space. "S'your bar, or are you just a wanderer like us?"
[16:33] Donna: "Wanderer," Donna says, but she pauses to think about it. "You could make an argument there's family ties, though."
[16:34] * O`Shae has been claimed for Lebanon. And... Italy, ha. Like there should be flags drawn on him. ANYWAY. He is constantly amazed thar people actually /stay/ in the Nexus. It's weird.
[16:36] Ria: "Yeah? How's that?" She sips her drink, which is QUITE alcoholic, naturally.
[16:39] Donna: "My wife's alternate is apparently close to whoever runs it? I don't know exactly -- the boys are fucking useless about finding that kind of thing out, they never think to."
[16:50] * O`Shae 's door opens! Accompanied by the familiar sounds of Oirish-accented yelling. He facepalms a bit. "That'd be for me. I'll see you around."
[16:51] * Donna waves.
[16:51] Ria: "Boys are usually that way--'bye, Kenyon! See you soon." ...somehow she manages to make that ominous.
[16:51] * O`Shae waves and goes.
[16:58] Donna: "They usually are." Donna leans over the bar to snag a bottle. "Donna Sheppard," she introduces herself over her shoulder.
[16:59] Ria: "Maria Al Fahad. Hi! I like your shirt." She does. Cashmere is not something she gets a lot of! But it's pretty. :V
[17:01] Donna: "Thank you! I love it." Donna settles on a barstool, sticking her feet on the one next to it. "Three small kids kind of make keeping nice clothes nice 'fun'." :D
[17:15] Ria: "/Three/, damn. My mom's just got me." And she is small! But...still a teenager.
[17:16] Donna: "Well, five, but the other two are about your age and less likely to spit up or draw on me." Donna grins.
[17:17] Ria: "I'm pretty sure my mom would lock me in a box if I tried to draw on her." This is less of a joke than it sounds like, haha. "You must be real busy."
[17:18] Donna: "With four of us -- adults -- I can steal some free time," Donna says, cracking open the beer she grabbed. "Here and there."
[17:19] Ria: "Mm. I'm never gonna have kids." She pauses. "Uh, not that--only reason I wouldn't s'cause the boys I know are all too dumb to help with it." META
[17:21] * Donna laughs, quietly, but the smile doesn't quiiite make it to her eyes. "That can be a problem, yeah."
[17:22] Ria: "Like--okay, the last guy I went out with--his moms still washed his clothes and put them away for him and stuff, which all right, whatever, but he /expected/ her to do that. And he got all heated if she didn't." She snorts. "Spoiled little bitch."
[17:24] Donna: "Oh, christ." Donna rolls her eyes. "Please, honey, tell me you weren't with him long."
[17:25] Ria: "Just long enough to get him kicked off the b-ball team. My buddy Tay? He was supposed to have starter this year but they /always/ give seniors first pref even if they aren't as good, sooo...I mixed it up a little." She grins, sidelong, at Donna. "Your kids my age take care of themselves pretty good?"
[17:27] Donna: "You bet your ass." Donna has some beer and grins back. "They are clever little bastards, my babies."
[17:27] Ria: "Good for them! Where you guys live at?"
[17:28] Donna: "San Diego. We've moved around a lot, but I think we're settled in this time."
[17:30] Ria: "Cali," she says, wistfully, "Nice. I live up in Chicago, 'round Cabrini? What's left, anyway."
[17:31] Donna: "Oh! I used to live in Chicago -- I was there before San Diego, aaaand I lived there for a few years back before...before some shit," she says, gesturing vaguely.
[17:33] * Ria gets THAT immediately, because at not even 16 she's...aware of some things she probably shouldn't be. Not the details, of course. "You like San Diego better?"
[17:33] Donna: "So far," Donna says, like she's not even willing to commit to that much yet.
[17:35] * Ria nods, slow. "I wanna move. I'm gonna run away when it's warm again." She says it blandly, possibly because she's been saying this since she was eight.
[17:36] * Donna pauses, then, contemplatively, like she might say something.
[17:37] * Ria drinks her Bacardi, not too fast, not really very slowly, either. She's not really a binge drinker or anything.
[17:38] Donna: "Don't say 'run away'," she says, finally. "If you start, it's hard to stop. You're just going somewhere else."
[17:38] Ria: "Run toward something. Right?" That gets a tiny smile.
[17:39] Donna: "You got it, sugar. Always have a 'to', not a 'from'."
[17:41] * Ria pushes the cap to her drink around. "Gotta get money up, though, right? They don't pay /shit/ at the bakery no more, I swear."
[17:44] Donna: "Yeaaaah. You start off broke, things are nooot going to go well."
[17:45] * Ria SIGHS. "Damn, and I'm too short to be a mugger." ...she's kidding.
[17:46] * Donna snickers.
[17:49] * Ria sprawls out on the bar. "Where you from originally? Not Chicago, s'for sure."
[17:51] Donna: "Yeah, no -- Port Isabel, in Texas. I haven't been /there/ since I was younger than you, but I go back to the state now and again."
[17:57] Ria: "Ohh, that's why you got that accent!" She sounds envious. "Cool. I hear good shit about boys from down South."
[17:59] Donna: "Boys are boys are boys...except the assholes, who we're free to deal with as we see fit."
[18:02] Ria: "All we fucking /get/ up here." She makes a face. "I'm so sick of it."
[18:04] Donna: "Nexus all around you. Multiverse of opportunities...not that they're all good...I /still/ don't know what the fuck happened with Elizabeth's ex-husband." >:E
[18:07] * Ria raises her eyebrows. "Elizabeth?"
[18:08] Donna: "My wife." A pause. "Our wife. She is /somebody's/ damn wife, and I would really like a straight answer about whose."
[18:10] Ria: "That's legal in Cali?" Lol Nexus.
[18:11] Donna: "Hell if I know. No...it's complicated. Really, really goddamn complicated."
[18:22] * Ria is fascinated. "I bet. Your kids must never get away with /anything/."
[18:22] Donna: "You'd -- hang on." Donna fumbles in her pocket for her cellphone, swearing. "Yes--what?"
[18:29] * Ria observes this with undisguised interest.
[18:30] * Donna huffs a sigh. "Did you check the fridge list? --it's nine thirty. Right. So why did that require me...at all?"
[18:38] * Donna laughs, startled. "You're a shit. Go and bother someone else, I'll see you when I get home." Funny how it sounds a whole lot like '<33333333333333333'.
[18:42] * Ria giggles behind her hand. Aw.
[18:42] * Donna tucks her cellphone away, rolling her eyes. "Yeah, so? Apparently hitting forty doesn't make boys any less dumb. For future reference."
[18:58] Ria: "...noted." She wrinkles her nose. "Can't you hit 'em with rolled up newspapers or something?"
[18:59] Donna: "Grabbing 'em by the ear and taking them down to about hip-height usually gets their attention." ...she's actually done that.
[19:00] Ria: "If my mom ever stops being such a frigid bitch with guys I'll let her know." ...hahaha maybe it's best her mom stays that way, actually.
[19:03] * Donna laughs.
[19:03] Donna: "Just keep it in mind for yourself."
[19:52] * Ria ...salutes. What the hell, Maria. "Y'know, this Nexus place doesn't suck so bad. It's kind of weird how I don't get any choice in when I come here, but it's all right."
[19:53] Donna: "I came here by accident the fiiirst time, but after that I got my bearings, mostly...fucking crazy place, though."
[19:53] Ria: "Boys are cute." She grins a little.
[19:54] * Donna laughs. "Yeah. That they are."
[19:55] Ria: "Kenyon's /Irish/. That accent--I /swear/, I've got a fetish." She mock-shivers.
[19:56] Donna: "God," Donna laughs again, reminiscing a little. "I used to know this guy -- one of the best men I ever knew -- and most of the time, he was really goddamn careful about it, but...get him drunk enough, and /oh/. God bless Ireland."
[19:58] Ria: "Was your guy kind of hopelessly virginal? I'm scared if I stick my hand down Kenyon's pants he'll get off on the spot, he's that kinda sheltered, as far as I can tell." ................hi.
[20:00] Donna: "Ohhhh, no...no, he /really/..."
[20:01] * Ria tilts her head, and the look on her face is knowing.
[20:03] * Donna grins, nostalgic for a moment. "He was a better lay than his son." .........DONNA.
[20:04] * Ria CRACKS UP.
[20:04] * Donna buffs her nails, smug.
[20:04] * Donna pauses, and laughs. "I never told anyone about that."
[20:04] *** JSheppard has joined #stigmata.
[20:06] * JSheppard clearly got bored waiting for Donna to come home. Hello then!
[20:06] Donna: "...well, hey, you." Donna eyeshifts VERY SLIGHTLY but clearly she was not talking about anything inappropriate.
[20:07] * Ria knows SEKRITS now. Hi. She is a tiny 15-year-old girl perched on the bar with booze in hand. :3 "Hi!"
[20:07] JSheppard: "Heeeeey me." John does not believe this unsaid lie of non-inappropriate speaking.
[20:08] Donna: "You can't have any beer," she informs him, arbitrarily. "This is Maria."
[20:09] * JSheppard eyes the teenage girl-booze. "So it is! Why can't I have any beer? Am I driving?"
[20:09] Donna: "Y...es." No.
[20:10] * JSheppard raises an eyebrow. Manually. Okay, not manually.
[20:12] Ria: "What's your name?" This is very interestedly enquired. "Are you the boy that is not any less dumb, on the phone?" :V
[20:14] JSheppard: "John. And...I hope not." :| Donna.
[20:15] * Donna looks innocent. ...and then nods. >:D
[20:16] * Ria giggles behind her bottle of alcoholic something or another.
[20:16] * JSheppard gives her a :| face. Both hers. Clearly.
[20:18] Donna: "He's also the biggest baby in the world. C'mere, stop looking like that."
[20:18] * Ria goes over to commandeer the jukebox. FYI: this means loud rap music is imminent.
[20:18] JSheppard: "I am *not* a baby. What're you telling people?"
[20:19] Donna: "Wouldn't you like to know!"
[20:19] JSheppard: "I /would/, but I'm guessing you won't tell me."
[20:20] * Ria puts on something that has to do with getting crunk, god help us. "Aw, you guys are /so/ married." This is a compliment. Somehow. "Don't tell him nothing."
[20:20] JSheppard: "Hey!"
[20:21] Donna: "I won't," Donna says, breezily.
[20:22] JSheppard: "You might. Later."
[20:23] Donna: "Might I?"
[20:24] JSheppard: "Might!"
[20:24] * Ria thinks that sounds ominous.
[20:25] Donna: "I think...that you definitely don't get any beer now."
[20:25] *** Marion_Astley has joined #stigmata.
[20:26] JSheppard: "I can always get beer *later*."
[20:26] Ria: "Not if you get into trouble!"
[20:27] JSheppard: "What kind of trouble?"
[20:27] Donna: "The kind of trouble you're always in?"
[20:27] * JSheppard pfffts. >:D
[20:27] * Ria turns the music up. >_> "I think he's tempting fate a little."
[20:28] Donna: "He does that." Donna smacks him.
[20:28] JSheppard: "Hey!"
[20:29] Donna: "What?"
[20:30] JSheppard: "I'm not tempting fate. Yet."
[20:30] Donna: "Oh yeah? What are you doing, then?"
[20:31] JSheppard: "Gently taunting fate."
[20:31] Donna: "'Gently'."
[20:32] JSheppard: "Gently!"
[20:33] Donna: "I don't think that word means what you think it means."
[20:33] JSheppard: "....sooo?"
[20:34] * Ria uses this time to break into the tequila.
[20:34] Donna: "/So/, shut up and sit there and be wrong." :D
[20:35] JSheppard: "Fiiiiine. Wait. What am I wrong about?"
[20:35] * Donna feels that Jonathan and John should just get used to doing that, but whatever. "...You're just...wrong. In general. Generally...very wrong."
[20:35] * Donna 's attention is caught by tequila, but she is TOTALLY NOT GOING TO...probably.
[20:36] * JSheppard thinks about this, and shrugs. "All right."
[20:49] Ria: "...wow, he just gave in. That must've taken years of training." HAHA Donna has an apprentice.
[20:49] * Donna leans on the bar with her elbows behind her, and grins at Maria. "I've been working on him for longer than you've been alive."
[20:50] JSheppard: "I am still /here/."
[20:50] Donna: "...so?"
[20:50] * Donna is the best wife ever, FYI. It's possible John is beginning to wonder why he wanted her back.
[20:51] JSheppard: "So....nothing."
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